Important: Please Read INSTRUCTIONS and WARNINGS before registering.

Airdrop Instructions

The process of registering public Bitcoin Addresses for the MWC airdrop is easy, as long as you carefully follow instructions.  Essentially, you are signing and verifying a unique, randomly generated message with your Trezor, Ledger (instructions here), or other Bitcoin signature tool, to prove ownership of each non-zero balance address. It is important to note that you must retain access to your private key or the device that stores it in case of a hardware wallet as you will be asked to sign a message again to claim the coins. This is done for your protection and to ensure that no one steals the password you set during the claims process. To do so from a Trezor, simply follow the instructions from Trezor’s signing and verifying message tutorial.  To start, you enter each unique, non-zero balance public Bitcoin address on the MWC airdrop registration page – after which, you will be given a unique message to sign on your Trezor.

signup for mwc airdrop - trezor screenshot

Simply enter the unique, non-zero balance public BTC address you entered on the MWC registration page in the “address” section in the middle, and the unique message supplied by the MWC registration page in the “message” section on top.  After clicking on the “sign” button, a unique signature will appear in the “signature” section on the bottom.  Then, copy the unique signature, paste it on where directed on the MWC registration site, and enter.  If done correctly, you will received a “success” message – and if you re-enter your unique public BTC address in the MWC registration page’s “register/verify” area, it will say that address is already registered. If you have a Ledger, unfortunately, Ledger Live still does not support message signing. The only option is for you to install Electrum and setup your Ledger to use Electrum. Electrum has message signing capabilities. For those holding Bitcoin on devices other than Trezor or Ledger, or in other types of wallets, here is a generic Bitcoin signature tool. To use it, you will have to input your private key – which is why we recommend you download it and run it on a non- internet connected server.

To that end, here are instructions for safely using the generic Bitcoin message-signing tool:

  1. Download zip (
  2. Put it on a thumb drive
  3. Install a fresh OS on a laptop - such as Linux Live boot cd rom -
  4. Insert thumb drive into laptop (ensure you never setup networking on the laptop).
  5. Extract zip onto laptop and open in a browser.
  6. Sign message with private key, to obtain signed message needed for registration.