Attention Bitcoin Maximalists – MimbleWimble Coins (Like MWC) Are Not Altcoins, But Superior Blockchain Technology Platforms


November 29, 2019

I am a big BTC holder (yes, I re-acquired most of my position earlier this year), and as close to a “maximalist” as you get. However, as readers know well, I believe that in the unfolding Digital Age, there will be many altcoin winners – though, of course, thousands will fail because they don’t have viable, defensible use cases. To that end, I have always believed 98% of altcoins are useless – but more than ever, that the 2% that aren’t could be the best investments in generations.

Generally speaking, maximalists believe ALL altcoins are worthless – as ONLY Bitcoin is valuable, and can replicate ANY value-added altcoin proposition. This argument is debatable, except in the case of “MimbleWimbleTrinity” coins MWC, Grin, and Beam – the reason being, MimbleWimble technology is FAR SUPERIOR to current blockchain protocol, and decidedly NOT replicatable by Bitcoin.

Yes, MimbleWimble may one day be INCORPORATED into Bitcoin – perhaps, by the NECESSITY of keeping up with cutting edge, COMPETITIVE technology; and if it does, it will most likely require the HARD FORK the BTC community fears so much, as it is NOT backwards compatible, utilizing dramatically different technology.

However, one thing that IS assured, is that Bitcoin does NOT have the ability to develop MimbleWimble itself. Thus, if it ever is incorporated (assuming it’s technically possible), Bitcoin MUST rely on the three “MWT” coins to be the “ultimate TestNet.”

As MWC Lead Dev @chrisgilliard – like myself, a huge, but OPEN-MINDED Bitcoin supporter - has noted many times, MimbleWimble technology is SUPERIOR to Bitcoin’s. In other words, if down the road a “privacy/scalability/fungibility” emerges – that many leading Bitcoin developers expect, so much so that many are working on MimbleWimble development - it will be MimbleWimble on the winning side. So, if the BTC doesn’t incorporate it, the MWT coins will likely become MORE valuable, given the value they add to the crypto ecosystem.

The best solution for “maximalists” was to register for the FREE MWC airdrop, which will commence on December 11th – plus, additional, FREE MWC via the accompanying HODL program. Roughly 1% of all BTC holders were wise enough to do this; and for those that didn’t, they still have the opportunity to acquire it - and the other two MWT coins - extremely cheaply following the recent, undiscriminating crypto plunge.

For those that didn’t – or WON’T, because it’s so shameful to own any crypto that’s not Bitcoin, even if it’s FREE – consider that you are not HEDGING yourself against the impact of superior technology, or BENEFITTING from its rise…as the “MWT” coins, MWC, Grin, and Beam, are not “altcoins” per se, but SUPERIOR blockchain technology platforms!

The MWC airdrop registration ended July 19th and MainNet launched November 11th – with airdrop claims scheduled to commence December 11th. A total of 148,474 Bitcoin registered – roughly 1% of the entire BTC float - yielding an MWC/BTC ratio of roughly 40.41…and currently, it trades at For more information, please check out the MWC website, Discord room, Twitter feed, and Telegram Forum.

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