HODL Program Status Update

MWC Team

June 19, 2020

HODL Program Status Update

HODL Rewards #1 & #2 are completed as of blocks 305,000 & 314,760 respectively. Claimed MWC was 7,699.727304863 & 774,065.022714794 respectively.

HODL Reward #3 closes at block 330,000 (June 30, 2020) and during it the entire 2,000,000 MWC HODL program plus some unclaimed airdrop funds have been distributed.

During the HODL claim periods the MWC price ranged between $15-27. A total of $47.7m HODL rewards have been distributed. Surprisingly, despite significant increased supply the MWC price increased.

MWC Market Statistics

MWC is currently trading around $21.50 with a market capitalization of $221m putting it as the #3 privacy coin behind Zcash at $486m and Monero at $1.1B and the #11 proof of work coin behind Zcash and Dogecoin at $307m.

Being so new, MWC is still largely unknown but that is changing. Lately traffic has significantly increased. The Team's analytics show a remarkable increase lately with thousands of new daily MWC followers.

For reference, MWC mainnet launched November 11, 2019. MWC market capitalization hit an all-time low of less than $2m on Dec 3, 2019 with a price of $0.25 and an all-time high of $222m on Feb 20, 2020 with a price of $32.49.

MWC price discovery may get very interesting if a new all-time high market capitalization is reached and uncharted price territory is entered.

The HODL Program is fully distributed. The remaining unclaimed airdrop funds are on the back burner for at least few months so some fun gets to begin. Almost all of MWC's initial stock has been distributed.

How much will the market value this new blockchain innovation that produces the technologically superior extremely scarce ghost money?!?

What will you do next? Sell, HODL or Buy?