How to withdraw your MWCs from a pool ?

Mamie Nova

February 3, 2020

Firstly, you have to choose your pool:

  1. Icemining
  2. FrostyPool(PPNLS) or FrostyPool(SOLO)
  3. Singularity Pool

Once you have chosen your pool and have mined a few coins, it’s time to withdraw them.

But HOW ?

There are 2 different ways:

1. Using the client wallet

(I’ll explain for the Windows version but it’s similar for the Linux and MacOS versions)

  1. Download the client wallet and the node
  2. Then launch the node first and wait for it to synchronize
Syncing Node (see status on top line)
Fully Synchronized Node

3. Launch a command prompt and go to the folder where the mwc-wallet.exe is located

4. Enter:

mwc-wallet.exe init

5. Once your wallet created, open your files and go in:


6. Open the mwc-wallet.toml and replace api_listen_interface = “” by api_listen_interface = “”

7. You will need to forward this port(3415) on your router so its available from the sender or use ngrok to create an outgoing tunnel

8. On your command prompt type:

mwc-wallet listen

You should see this:

Now, you can withdraw your MWCs.

Your address for the withdraw is http://YourIP:3415

2. By the Hotbit exchange

(Not recommended as the exchange often closes MWC deposits and withdrawals)

  1. Go in Hotbit
  2. Create an account
  3. Go to Funds and then to Deposits & Withdrawals
  4. Search “MWC” in the Search Coin bar
  5. Click on deposit
  6. Then, you see your address

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Special thanks to MWC community member Mamie Nova for writing this article.

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