If Crypto Needs “Time” To Mature, How Much Does MimbleWimble Need?


September 21, 2019

This morning, I wrote an important article about how crypto’s principal near-term obstacle, and long-term ally, is TIME.  Amazing as it is, Bitcoin has only existed ten years – let alone, the average QUALITY altcoin, which in most cases is less than two. This, for a revolutionary,complex technology with the potential to dramatically change a status quo that has been stuck in the inertia of the (increasingly self-destructive) world of fiat currency for centuries.


Given the “double dog years” pace of crypto development, Bitcoin’s time to adoption is far less than altcoins – possibly, a LOT less than most people anticipate. Only TIME will tell, but it is entirely possible that a year from now,it could be much more valuable, and ubiquitous, than today.

As for QUALITY altcoins, their “time to maturity”varies greatly – which calls to question, how long MimbleWimble might take to mature.  This, too, is highly uncertain –but clearly, the more quickly Bitcoin matures, the more time, money, and intelligence will be directed toward MimbleWimble.

According to MWC Lead Dev Chris Gilliard, the sector’stop developers are ALREADY shifting their focus to MimbleWimble – obviously,because it’s FAR superior to today’s archaic blockchain technology.  Clearly, if MimbleWimble were available in 2009 (it’s White Paper was published in 2016), Satoshi would have adopted it –as it would have made Bitcoin FAR more scalable, private, and fungible.  THIS is the future of blockchain technology –the only questions being HOW FAR in the future, and HOW Bitcoin will be impacted by its incorporation of it, or lack thereof.

If a “MimbleWimble scaling debate” emerges, it would be unlikely, according to Chris,to occur for several years.  The reason being, it needs time to be tested, improved, and understood – as well as the fact that, in terms of Bitcoin’s PRIMARY use of value storage, MimbleWimble is not NECESSARY to implement, as SegWit was in 2017.

Still,given the incredible amount of development I’ve witnessed first-hand in the MimbleWimble space this year, as part of the MWC team, I have little doubt its functionality, and recognition, will grow MUCH faster than most people anticipate.  

This is why I believe the “MimbleWimbleTrinity” of MWC, Grin, and Beam will be amongst the sector’s top performers of 2020 – and why, at some point in the not-too-distant future, the discussion of why MimbleWimble MUST become a dominant crypto force will dramatically intensify.

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