Information for Miners for MWC mainnet launch - 11/11/19

Chris Dev

November 4, 2019

As we approach the 11/11 launch date for the MWC mainnet, we wanted to give a brief update letting miners who wish to mine MWC from the start the information they will need. In order to mine, you need an MWC full node and grin miner software. They can be found here and here respectively. Our latest release of the full node does not support mainnet. If you try to run it on mainnet, it will print out an error saying mainnet is not enabled yet. We will publish a new release of the mwc-node the day before mainnet launch. This release will have mainnet enabled and have the final production genesis block. If you want to test, you can run on the full node on the floonet now to ensure you are ready for 11/11. The only change will be that you will need to download and replace your full node with the one released the day before launch and run the mwc full node in mainnet mode by not specifying the --floonet option. A full mining guide can be found here:

The final genesis block will have a timestamp of 11/11 at 9 am UTC. This means blocks will only be valid after this time. So we can expect the first blocks to be mined after that time, which is 4 am ET. We will post another update when the updated version of mwc-node is released. Please also note that the network supports both C31 mining and C29d mining. The older C29 grin plugins will not work.