MimbleWimble Is Not Just About Privacy – But a Broad, MASSIVE Blockchain Functionality Upgrade!


December 7, 2019

The biggest misnomer about “MimbleWimbleTrinity” coins MWC, Grin, and Beam – spread sometimes due to ignorance; and other times, misguided fear that it will disrupt Bitcoin’s store-of-value property properties – is that they are “privacy coins.” Better yet, some compare them to existing privacy coins like Monero and ZCash – the former of which, is comically unscalable; and the latter, an “opt-in” privacy coin that is never opted in for.


The way I see it, the “MWT” aren’t even altcoins – but instead, FAR superior blockchain technology platforms. In other words, dramatically more SCALABLE, PRIVATE, and FUNGIBLE than current protocol – which is why one day, MimbleWimble (which by the way, INCLUDES Schnorr Signatures and other privacy features, and is compatible with the Lightning Network) may well be FORCED into Bitcoin, by a community seeking to make it BETTER…even if it requires a hard fork to do so.


MimbleWimble was only proposed in the July 2019 White Paper by “Tom Elvis Jedusor” – and launched by Beam and Grin less than a year ago, despite the technology (such as wallets) barely even functional. A year later, it has DRAMATICALLY advanced – and by this time next year, I expect the entire crypto community to recognize that even if the BTC community can’t agree on implementing it, MimbleWimble will play a MAJOR role in crypto’s future.

So, for those who choose to associate MimbleWimble with “privacy,” I STRONGLY advise you to perform due diligence SOON – before the entire crypto community recognizes it is FAR more than that…and that the current, cumulative market cap of the MimbleWimbleTrinity, at roughly $60 million, could soon be more than Monero’s $1 billion.

Think about it, why do you think Monero is experimenting with MimbleWimble “sidechains” – even though sidechains (i.e., second layer technologies), are NOT MimbleWimble, which can ONLY be implemented on the base layer?

The MWC airdrop registration ended July 19th; MainNet launched November 11th; and airdrop claims commenced December 2nd, ending January 2nd…at which point, details of the “MWC HODL” rewards program will be announced. A total of 148,474 Bitcoin registered – roughly 1% of the entire BTC float - yielding an MWC/BTC ratio of roughly 40.41…and currently, it trades at HotBit.io. For more information, please check out the MWC website, Discord room, Twitter feed, and Telegram Forum.





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