MimbleWimble, Part I Of IV – MWC Lead Dev @ChrisGilliard Discusses SCALABILITY Upgrade


Chris Dev

November 17, 2019

As I discussed earlier this week, MWC Lead Dev is at this juncture in time, doing as much to help the Bitcoin community as anyone. His goal is to make Bitcoin as valuable as possible, which is why he has dedicated the past year to building the BEST MimbleWimble coin, MWC.


The reason being, that like those who funded, and developed, fellow “MimbleWimbleTrinity” coins Grin and Beam, he understands that MimbleWimble is dramatically more functional than current blockchain protocols. Also, that for Bitcoin to truly become the ubiquitous, global store of value the BTC community seeks, it needs the scalability, privacy, and fungibility upgrades only MimbleWimble can currently deliver.

MWC’s MainNet launched on November 11th, with airdrop claims scheduled to commence December 11th – and exchange listings, if all goes according to plan, immediately thereafter…followed by details of the “MWC HODL” program, that will reward passive investors for simply holding their MWC.

Consequently, Chris decided to follow up what he has been communicating all year, with a detailed, four-part series of articles explaining WHAT MimbleWimble accomplishes, and WHY Bitcoin must ultimately respond to it – hopefully, by incorporating in the coming years.

The first of the four articles, published yesterday, discusses the MASSIVE SCALABILITY upgrade MimbleWimble provides – that WILL provide a major competitive issue for Bitcoin, if not incorporated by the “dreaded” hard fork that is the only way it could be done…which I say in quotes, as it may well be the best thing, valuation-wise, the Bitcoin community ever decides on.


Yes, Bitcoin will continue to effectively store value if it is not scaled. However, fees will skyrocket – making MimbleWimble-based chains dramatically more attractive. Plus, unlike Bitcoin, MimbleWimble chains are both private and fungible – making the comparison that much more daunting. And no, Monero and other current privacy coins are not an option – as they are less scalable (due to the enormous amount of space private transactions occupy on legacy blockchains) than even Bitcoin.

For those receiving MWC FREE, due to their foresight in registering for the airdrop that will be distributed started December 11th – with “HODL rewards” hence, you are properly hedged. Otherwise, BTC holders should read Chris’ article, and SERIOUSLY consider what might occur not if, but WHEN the crypto community recognizes MimbleWimble’s FAR superior blockchain characteristics.


The MWC airdrop registration ended July 19th and MainNet launched November 11th – with airdrop claims scheduled to commence December 11th. A total of 148,474 Bitcoin registered – roughly 1% of the entire BTC float - yielding an MWC/BTC ratio of roughly 40.41. For more information, please check out the MWC website, Discord room, Twitter feed, and Telegram Forum.





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