MWC Airdrop Claim Period Will Commence BEFORE The Initially Scheduled December 11th Date – Keep Your Eyes Open, It Could Be Announced As Soon As TOMORROW!


Chris Dev

December 1, 2019

Since the MWC project commenced in January, EVERY aspect of its incredibly complex coding process has been achieved on or before schedule. Thus, it should be no surprise that with the MWC network operating perfectly since the November 11th MainNet launch (29,000 blocks so far); and airdrop claim process testing complete; the claim process looks set to commence earlier than the scheduled December 11th date – perhaps, as early as tomorrow.

In the brief update just published by Lead Dev @chrisgilliard, the instructions for this extremely simple process are posted. We will obviously publish when the airdrop claims commence, but you can simply click on the “airdrop” button on your MWC wallet (downloads available at the MWC website) too, to see when it starts…which may be as soon as tomorrow.

Remember, nearly 1% of the entire BTC float registered for this extremely exciting, high potential coin – that will also pay “MWC HODL” rewards for holding, with details that will be announced sometime after the airdrop claim process commences. Also, MWC/BTC is already trading on, so there will be ample liquidity for MWC, whatever investment choice you might make.

As for me, I’ll be holding the PERFECT PRIVACY DEBATE HEDGE…as MimbleWimble is the most revolutionary crypto technology ever - and MWC, BY FAR the most investable MimbleWimble coin!

The MWC airdrop registration ended July 19th and MainNet launched November 11th – with airdrop claims scheduled to commence ANY DAY NOW. A total of 148,474 Bitcoin registered – roughly 1% of the entire BTC float - yielding an MWC/BTC ratio of roughly 40.41…and currently, it trades at For more information, please check out the MWC website, Discord room, Twitter feed, and Telegram Forum.

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