MWC Block Explorer is live

Chris Dev

May 25, 2019

One of the many things needed when launching a cryptocurrency is a block explorer. The grin account 'mimblewimble' on github maintains an open source block explorer that we first considered porting over to MWC, but we found that it was not documented, very slow, sometimes it is crashed on the site where it's hosted, so we decided that the only acceptable option would be to write our own block explorer for MWC. It is now live on our testnet at

I made a video demonstrating it and also demonstrating proof of payments in our command line wallet (mwc713):

Proof of payments are very important to us and will be enabled in our GUI wallet which uses mwc713 in the background to do transactions. You can see how to verify the kernel, as instructed, in the MWC block explorer. This is bomb proof verification that has been a problem for grin on exchanges like BISQ. We hope, by incorporating it into our wallet from day one, we can avoid the same problems grin had on some of the peer to peer exchanges and OTC trades. The look and feel of the block explorer incorporates the style from our main site. We hope you enjoy it.

May the darkness of Mimblewimble lead us into the light. One touch and MWC will ignite! Quite literally!