MWC, Exchanges, CMC, And The POWER Of MimbleWimble


Chris Dev

September 18, 2019

This morning, I wrote of how MWC remains on schedule to launch its MainNet November 11th, and airdrop claims December 11th. Everything is moving ahead full speed, and barring unforeseen delays, we expect an extremely successful launch - at a time, in my view, that crypto will be back in vogue, and MimbleWimble excitement gaining momentum.

This afternoon, Lead Dev Chris Gilliard posted an excellent description of MWC’s market position - in terms of exchange negotiations, the expected timing of listings, and the relative importance that they, and, play. And oh yeah, that MWC’s engineers are working on implementing atomic swaps, the ultimate method for decentralized coin transactions.

As for listings, we all agree they are extremely important – which is why we aim to secure one or more high quality listings at the time of airdrop claims launch. That said, we are extremely confident in our market position, and expect MWC to be a long-term project with extraordinary ramifications for the entire crypto space.

Thus, we will not waste time and resources attempting to list on every exchange immediately – particularly because, in my view, they will ultimately WANT to list MWC due to how popular it will likely be.

Ditto for, whose parameters for market cap ranking – particularly in light of its new listing criteria – remain ambiguous. We fully anticipate CMC ranking sooner rather than later, but this will not be a principal short-term focus. Rather, building the most revolutionary technology in crypto history will be – though I assure you, myself and the other financial specialists on the team will be actively negotiating with exchanges, for the best possible deals.

For the roughly 1% of Bitcoiners who registered for this amazing, FREE airdrop, congratulations! MWC is truly something special, and I expect its valuation, and liquidity, to quickly reflect it. Stay posted for updates, as there will be many leading up to the November 11th MainNet launch!

The MWC airdrop registration ended July 19th, with MainNet launch tentatively scheduled for November 11th, 2019, and claims on December 11th, 2019. A total of 148,474 Bitcoin registered – roughly 1% of the entire BTC float - yielding an MWC/BTC ratio of roughly 40.41. For more information, please check out the MWC website, Discord room, Twitter feed, and Telegram Forum.