MWC MainNet LAUNCHED, Commencing One Of The Most Important Crypto Projects Ever – Lead Dev Chris Gilliard Discusses WHY MimbleWimble Is So Ground-Breaking, And Important To Bitcoin’s Future


Chris Dev

November 11, 2019

When the MWC project was launched in January - as a fork of Grin to create a better “MimbleWimbleCoin” - an incredible amount of work was required to reach the MainNet stage.

The initial plan was to hold BTC airdrop registration between April and July – concluding July 19th, the three-year anniversary of Tom Elvis Jedusor’s anonymous, pseudonymous, ground-breaking MimbleWimble White Paper. Also, to launch MainNet in the fourth quarter, and commence the airdrop claims process shortly thereafter.

During that time, hundreds, bordering on thousands of man-hours were put into coding changes to an extremely complex protocol to make it ready for launch – including efforts for the good of the MimbleWimble ecosystem at large, like building the industry’s best, Windows, iOS, and Linux-compatible GUI wallet and first MimbleWimble cold storage system; as well as initial work on how to utilize MimbleWimble technology to facilitate atomic swaps.

This, as well as an ongoing marketing effort, negotiations with exchanges, and all aspects of building a world class coin, with the MimbleWimble space’s leading technical innovation, and best investment features - with 30% of the lifetime supply cap (of just 20 million, compared to 263 million for Beam and ∞ for Grin) distributed to BTC holders via FREE airdrop…and another 10% via a pioneering “MWC HODL” rewards program.

Incredibly, everything went exactly as planned – with MainNet launching this morning, Veteran’s Day, at 9 am UTC; which, I might add, was chosen because it's exactly 101 years, to the hour, after the Armistice agreement went into effect ending World War I.

You can see the MWC explorer here – and please note, MimbleWimble blocks do NOT show transaction amounts, just as MimbleWimble transactions do NOT have addresses. This, along with the fact MW is FAR more scalable than any other privacy protocol, is what makes MimbleWimble so unique.

Unquestionably, Satoshi would have utilized it if it was available in 2009 – but it wasn’t, which is why it’s so important this revolutionary crypto technology; which makes any coin using it more private, fungible, and scalable; so necessary, and critical, to investigate and build.

A diehard Bitcoin supporter; long-time HODLer; and brilliant coder, with a long resume of Silicon Valley success (and a team of equally adept software engineers), Chris (@ChrisGilliard) has been one of the Bitcoin community’s leading communicators – as archived (along with my work) in the Resources section of the MWC website.

However, he has not yet received the following he so richly deserves – for his brilliant work building the FREE MWC airdrop; ability to communicate complex topics (like how MimbleWimble works!); and views on why, and how, Bitcoin can be improved…which I believe is about to change, now that MWC is officially launched!

In announcing this morning’s MainNet launch, Chris penned an impassioned letter to the Bitcoin community, explaining why MWC was created (to benefit Bitcoin); why Bitcoin’s privacy, fungibility, and scalability must be improved to help it spread virally; and why he believes Bitcoin is the future of money. Not to mention, why MimbleWimble will likely become a major point of debate in the coming months and years – as it becomes evident just how incredible an upgrade it is to current blockchain technology.

If you’re a miner, you can download the MWC MainNet node below, and start mining – and if you’re a BTC airdrop registree, or hopeful secondary market investor, just follow the upcoming stream of announcements at the MWC website, Twitter feed, Discord room, or Telegram chat.

Congrats to all involved, in launching this unique, ground-breaking project - to make Bitcoin better, and reward Bitcoin holders!

MWC’s MainNet launch occurred on schedule, on November 11th, 2019 at 9 am UTC. BTC airdrop registration concluded in July, totaling 148,474 Bitcoin, or roughly 1% of the entire BTC float - yielding an MWC/BTC ratio of roughly 40.41. The airdrop claims process is scheduled to commence December 11th – and if all goes as planned, exchange listings will occur at or around this date.

For more information, please check out the MWC website, Discord room, Twitter feed, and Telegram Forum.