MWC Mining guide available

Chris Dev

August 8, 2019

We wanted to announce some updates to our plan for mining MWC and link to a new MWC mining guide that is now available in our github repo. A few weeks back, we announced some updates to our plans for MWC mining. In that article we discussed our decision to drop support for C29 in MWC and exclusively support C31. We got some feedback from miners that they wanted to be able to mine C29 in MWC and we listened. Initially, we will support the C29d variant. We will have a weighting of 45% C29d and 55% C31 at launch and over the course of the year we will gradually go to 0% C29d and 100% C31. Since we are launching almost a year later than grin, this is pretty much in line with what the weightings in Grin. Initially, we wanted to avoid the 4 planned hard forks that Grin had planned, but by supporting C29d off the bat at 45%, we are likely to be able to avoid hard forks altogether.  If we detect ASICs we reserve the right to do hard fork but we hope to avoid them as after 6 months (the time of the next Grin scheduled hard fork), the weighting will be less than 25% C29 anyways. We also may update the C29d algorithm to follow suit with Grin if they make an update before we launch, but that is still an open question.

This information and more technical details can be found in our MWC mining guide:

As always if there are any questions please join our #mining room in our discord server here: Mainnet development is on track and we still hope to launch in Q4 of this year.