MWC Qt Wallet 1.0.11 released - Cold Storage

Chris Dev

December 21, 2019

We're pleased to announce the latest release of the MWC Qt Wallet. This is version 1.0.11. It can be downloaded from our download page: or directly from our Github repository: Initially we were targeting Q1 2020 for this capability, but we were ahead of schedule and are releasing this early.

This is an important capability. Along with the wallet, we have written up a guide that explains how to use cold storage. That guide can be found here: Previously, we had a command line version of cold storage, which can be found here: For those who prefer command line, that version can still be used, but this new version will be more user friendly for users who want a GUI implementation of cold storage. The graphical user interface version is similar to the Bitcoin Armory Wallet's cold storage capability and we think, easier to use. Securely storing cryptocurrency is among the most basic needs a cryptocurrency has and that is why we have prioritized it. It is of particular importance if the cryptocurrency is scarce, as MWC is.