MWC Releases Node 3.0.0 – Please Upgrade Immediately


January 23, 2020

MWC is strengthening each day – in the past week, withstanding three hostile network attacks whilst pushing its hash rate, and price, to record levels. To that end, in all my days in crypto, I have not seen a coin attacked so often – other than Bitcoin by BCash and BSV – as clearly, MWC poses a significant competitive threat - not just in the MimbleWimble space, but the altcoin community at large.

Moreover, the beauty of open sourced crypto projects – like MWC; and Grin, the coin it forked from to create an INVESTABLE MimbleWimble coin – is that if one coin upgrades, the others upgrade too; and conversely, if one discovers a bug, the others immunize themselves against it, too.

This is exactly what just occurred, when MWC’s engineers utilized new Grin code to identify a bug fix – and promptly implemented it into Node 3.0.0, which all miners and holders are encouraged to IMMEDIATELY upgrade to.

The best part of the “MimbleWimbleTrinity” is, that despite the “love/hate relationship” between the three coins, barriers of entry all but assure no new entrants. Thus, with a cumulative market cap of just over $100 million, all three will likely dramatically appreciate in the coming years – very possible, from the millions, to billions; as the crypto community recognizes MimbleWimble is the most revolutionary technology in crypto history, yielding dramatic upgrades to blockchain privacy, fungibility, and scalability.

The MWC airdrop registration ended July 19th; MainNet launched November 11th; and airdrop claims ended January 2nd, with 5.4 of the 6.0 million coins earmarked for the airdrop claimed. Details of the “MWC HODL” rewards program will be announced in 1Q2020, for implementation in 2Q20. Currently, MWC trades at For more information, please check out the MWC website, Discord room, Twitter feed, and Telegram Forum.

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