MWC713 Wallet release for testnet and demo video

Chris Dev

May 3, 2019

I wanted to give an update to announce the release of our command line wallet (mwc713). This wallet is a port of wallet713 for the MWC network. The source and binaries can be found here: We support all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) although Windows support is limited for now as we are working to resolve some of the issues to make Windows fully functional which will be available in the next release. While this wallet is not a traditional GUI wallet like electrum, this will be the backend for our GUI based (electrum like) wallet which will be released before we launch the mainnet. So, this porting work was critical to support the easy to use GUI wallet we are working on.

MWC713 is a very powerful wallet and we have already added to the functionality by adding the "set-recv" command which is demoed in the video. This function will allow users to send funds back and forth between accounts without using files, as is currently required in wallet713. We have also setup a faucet. It will allow users to request up to 5 testnet MWC. Please return unused funds so that others can use it as well. You can request funds by running the following command in the mwc713 wallet:

> invoice --to xmgsU8PnkVtt1jWSkZjGhsdcefHNpHTeX9UVecqEPJpYUvpa6X7h 5

Earlier today we released a demo video which shows how easy it is to download, install and transact with the mwc713 wallet.

As you can see, out of the box, within the 4 minute video, two instances of the wallet were installed, and 3 accounts were setup. Funds were requested from the faucet and sent back and forth between the three accounts. All this occurred on the live MWC testnet. Yes, it's that easy! And the GUI wallet will make it even easier for non-technical users when it's released. But developers will always prefer a powerful CLI like this interface which we will support.

If you want to try out the mwc wallet, you can view our github page at If you have questions join our discord. Also, don't forget to follow us on twitter, and don't forget to register for our free airdrop for Bitcoin holders before July 19, 2019.