One Week Until MWC’s MainNet Launch!


November 3, 2019

Every time I pass the Code Ninjas store near my house, I recall the day, ten months ago, that my daughter was there, whilst I had my first phone call with MWC Lead Dev Chris Gilliard.  I had known him from responses to my Tweets, and had the call following an introduction by our mutual friend Adam Meister, one of the smartest people in crypto.

As a cryptocurrency consultant, I come across numerous opportunities to work with altcoin developers – but invariably, deny them because so few projects have merit.  And just to clarify, I am not on the Bitcoin Rhodium development team.  It is simply a project that, following its free BTC airdrop, I developed a strong level of interest in.

Regarding Chris, it turns out he is one of the most accomplished coders in Silicon Valley– along with the team of software engineers he ultimately recruited to this project.  Not to mention, a diehardBitcoin supporter - seeking to grow its reach, and improve its effectiveness.  

At the time, in January 2019, the two MimbleWimble coins, Grin and Beam, had just launched.  Few in the crypto community were aware of them, but Chris had been on top of this development since Tom Elvis Jedusor’s revolutionary MimbleWimble White Paper was anonymously, pseudonymously published in July 2016.  

Chris was convinced MimbleWimble was the future of blockchain protocol, as it is FAR more scalable, private, and fungible than Bitcoin or any “privacy coin.”  Thus, whether it is ultimately incorporated into Bitcoin, it should play a significant role in the crypto space as the Digital Age unfolds.  And after no more than a half hour, I was sold, too.

The problem was, that despite the heavy VC backing of both Grin and Beam (like the Tom Elvis Jedusor pseudonym, referring to Harry Potter lore), neither coin was particularly investable.  In Grin’s case, supply isun limited; whilst Beam has a 263 million supply cap, in an organization that appears more like a centralized corporation than a decentralized cryptocurrency.

This is why Chris decided to create the BEST MimbleWimble coin – which, shortly after building our team, we decided to call MWC, or MimbleWimbleCoin.  Notably, he initially wanted to call it Bitcoin Mimble Wimble – but the fact is, MimbleWimble has nothing to do with Bitcoin,even if the goal is to one day have it incorporated.  Actually, we considered shortening it to BMW,too – but didn’t, for the aforementioned reasons…AND because we didn’t want to be sued by a certain well-known automobile company.

Chris,too, was a recipient of the Bitcoin Rhodium airdrop – and was enamored by the it’s scarcity; it’s pioneering “Strong Hands” in-kind dividend program; and the loyalty its investor base developed due its distribution via free BTC airdrop.  Thus, in his version of MimbleWimble, forked from Grin, all of these attributes would be incorporated; plus, the technological expertise of his hand-picked core development team, who are equally experienced, competent, and dedicated to those at Grin and Beam.

We rapidly built one of the best development teams in crypto – and in February 2019, MWC was forked from Grin.  The lifetime supply cap was to be just 20 million; of which, six million, or 30%, were to be distributed to BTC holders via an airdrop whose registration took place between April 20th and July 19th - the latter being the three-year anniversary of Jedusor’s revolutionary White Paper.  Additionally, another one million, or 5% of the lifetime supply was to be distributed via “MWC HODL” dividends – like Strong Hands, earned by those passively holding their positions.

Chris and his team then put their noses to the grindstone coding – whilst I and others worked on marketing, finance, and logistics. And wouldn’t you know it, they accomplished AT LEAST as much technologically as the far larger Grin and Beam teams – including the industry’s best Windows, iOS, and Linux-enabled GUI wallet, and first MimbleWimble cold storage system.  

Everything in MimbleWimble is open source – and thus, replicatable by all coins’ teams.  However, the fact is, that aside from being BY FAR the most investable coin; with BY FAR, the most advanced marketing effort; it is AT LEAST as technologically advanced - which is why we believe,when MWC’s MainNet launches November 11th, it has the potential to shortly become the most valuable MimbleWimble coin.

Upon launch, public mining will be enabled – as discussed in the mining section of MWC’s website.  MWC is 100% compatible with all Grin miners – and thus, we aim to foster a significant migration of mining from Grin to MWC.

However,BTC airdrop claims are not scheduled to commence until a month later, on December 11th – via a process we have discussed in prior articles,and will elaborate on shortly.  It is possible this date will be sooner, but Chris wanted to be conservative – in observing MainNet in action, to make sure all is running smoothly.

Either way, our goal is to list MWC on one or more exchanges around the time of the airdrop claims – though we cannot promise a specific date, given the amount of moving parts in the negotiation and integration processes.

Sometime this week, Chris will publish a comprehensive update of need-to-know information – and on Monday, November 11th, the pioneering, cutting edge MWC coin will launch its MainNet.  

Ilook forward, with bated breath, to the culmination of a year’s worth of hard,inspiring work – in building something of great value to the crypto ecosystem; that perhaps, will one day make Bitcoin itself exponentially more valuable.

The MWC airdrop registration ended July 19th, with MainNet launch scheduled for November 11th, 2019, and claims on December 11th, 2019. A total of 148,474 Bitcoin registered – roughly 1% of the entire BTC float - yielding an MWC/BTC ratio of roughly 40.41. For more information, please check out the MWC website,Discord room, Twitter feed, and Telegram Forum.