Pay Attention to MWC Lead Dev @ChrisGilliard - Doing As Much For Bitcoin As ANYONE!


November 14, 2019

In the six years I have followed Bitcoin, I have observed how various people are lauded, or panned, by the Bitcoin community. A handful have been there since day one, making valuable contributions; whilst the majority come and go - from developers, to commentators and analysts.

Amongst them, are a handful who have been disproportionately responsible for the building and maintaining of Bitcoin’s core; defending it during times of need – like, for instance, the 2017 scaling debate; spreading its gospel; and developing the underlying technology.

I like to believe I’ve played a non-trivial part from a PR perspective; but where the real credit lies is the brilliant coders - who have dedicated their time, effort, and capital, to creating not just Bitcoin, but building the foundation of the rapidly approaching Digital Age.

A year ago, I was introduced to Chris Gilliard by Adam Meister – one of the best guys in crypto, and a close friend who I have collaborated with on many efforts. I had been aware of Chris’ extremely thoughtful and upbeat posts on my Twitter feed – but until we spoke, I had no idea he was roughly my age, with a long, deep track record of Silicon Valley coding accomplishments.

We both shared the view that Bitcoin is the best sound money invention ever – and as well, one of the most complex, and potentially world-changing technologies. At the time, I knew nothing of MimbleWimble but its name. However, after speaking for an hour, I was sold on its potential to transform Bitcoin’s future - making it vastly more scalable, private, and fungible - and consequently, exponentially more valuable.

Many extremely talented developers are aware of MimbleWimble’s potential, but Chris was one step ahead. He not only believed he could advance the technology as rapidly, and effectively, as others – but sought to create a premium investment vehicle, to be distributed FREE to Bitcoin holders. In other words, enabling them to benefit from MimbleWimble’s development – and in the “worst-case scenario,” of it becoming a powerful, but polarizing technology – a free, potentially extremely valuable “hedge.”

In the year we’ve worked together – in building the MWC team and technology, and spreading its gospel – I’ve learned just how benign, and brilliant his efforts truly are. To wit, everything he promised has occurred – better than anticipated, and ahead of schedule.

Unquestionably, he understands the power of MimbleWimble technology as much – and frankly, more so – than 99% of those in crypto…which for the BTC airdrop registrees who will shortly receive their free coins, could be one of the best, and easiest, investment decisions they’ve ever made.

Thus far, Chris remains relatively unknown – which goes to show just how immature the crypto community remains…that frankly, is more fixated on “TA gurus” and hot button issues than the long-term technological development so vital to Bitcoin’s growth. To that end, as I’ve happily learned, Chris’ communication skills rival anyone in crypto – not just about the technology, but his understanding of Bitcoin’s value, and long-term potential.

This is why it is amazing that his Twitter handle, @chrisgilliard, STILL has just 700 followers – and why, shortly, that amount may be 100x higher. Mark my words, Chris will shortly be as well known in the crypto community as other, extremely renowned developers and commentators – so you might as well be one of the first to follow his views, and do your due diligence on the recently launched, soon to be publicly traded MWC!

The MWC airdrop registration ended July 19th, with MainNet launch scheduled for November 11th, 2019, and claims on December 11th, 2019. A total of 148,474 Bitcoin registered – roughly 1% of the entire BTC float - yielding an MWC/BTC ratio of roughly 40.41. For more information, please check out the MWC website, Discord room, Twitter feed, and Telegram Forum.

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