Quick update - Yes, you can verify your registration was successful for MWC

Chris Dev

June 14, 2019

Just wanted to write a quick update to follow up from yesterday's post. As we mentioned, Registration will end for MWC on July 19, 2019, we gave some specifics in that article, so please be sure to understand the process. Also, wanted to add today that we have enhanced the verification process. If you go to our registration page, you can verify your balance by verifying your password. You will now be able to see the current balance in the address on that page, based on the block explorer we are using as the source of truth (https://blockenomics.com/). Just verify your btc address and password, and the amount will be displayed. A link is also present to a block explorer as well so you can see full details.

We really urge you to do this and verify that the full amount of BTC you think is registered, is actually registered. As I mentioned yesterday, there are a number of people that have moved their coins out. We'd hate to see anyone miss out.