Release of MWC-QT-Wallet 1.0.17

MWC Team

May 5, 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of MWC-QT-Wallet 1.0.17. This release is a bug fix patch release for the issue found in 1.0.16 with regard to HODL registration.

The binaries can be downloaded on the download page or directly on Github.


The first HODL Program reward is scheduled to be distributed.

Registered Class 1 MWC Hodlers can claim and receive 0.001 MWC per MWC registered.

Although there has been significant testing of the HODL program software, nevertheless, out of caution the first HODL reward is intentionally small and intended to act like a test.

HODL Program claims (1) can be submitted using MWC QT GUI wallet 1.0.17, (2) amounts will be based on balances at block 254,000. Claims will start shortly before block 255,500 and (3) must be submitted by block 305,000 which is expected to be slightly more than 30 days away.

Instructions on how to claim can be found here.

Two batches of transactions will be broadcast at approximately blocks 259,000 and 305,000. Additional batches may be broadcast in the interim.


If everything goes well with the first batch of transactions then there will likely be a much larger second HODL reward distributed in May. The MWC Team is excited during this beta stage of the MWC product to distribute a material amount of the initial MWC stock from the HODL Program.