Tentative Mainnet launch date, claims opening date, and nightly builds

Chris Dev

August 24, 2019

I wanted to give a quick update on the status of MWC and announce some tentative launch dates for Mainnet and the claims process. First of all, development has been progressing rapidly and everything is on track for our Q4 Mainnet launch. We have nightly builds of our mwc-qt-wallet here: https://ftp.mwc.mw/nightly_builds. These builds are built using our Azure build pipeline which can be seen here: https://dev.azure.com/mwc-project/MWC%20Project/. Builds are available for all major platforms: Windows x64, Windows x32, Linux 64 (Debian and RPM packages), and MacOSX. Our wallet is now essentially feature complete and we are only fixing bugs and changing a few of the flows with some last minute finishing touches.

We're very excited about the wallet and think it will be well received. In the world of alts, it is quite rare to build your own wallet and we would have leveraged existing wallets had it been possible, but it wasn't. Most other cryptocurrencies use ports of existing wallets like electrum. That wasn't possible with MWC because it's not based on Bitcoin and there were no existing platform independent wallets available for Grin. We think this will be a huge competitive advantage for us to have a custom built wallet which is specifically designed for our platform. We are also in the process to a major update to our block explorer. The look and feel is being totally redesigned to match the wallet. We will have a very strongly branded professional image which will stand out.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that we will be tentatively targeting a Mainnet launch date of November 11, 2019 and a claims launch date of December 11, 2019. This will give us a month to ensure that the network is launched and functioning properly before we start allowing claims. We don't anticipate problems, but it will be good to have sufficient time to test the network before we start the claims process. This will mean that miners will be able to start mining about one month before the airdropped coins are available to users.

We look forward to making the launch of MWC and the claims process as smooth as possible. Remember to follow us on twitter, subscribe to our email newsletter, and join our discord for updates.