Verification of HODL account and Airdrop remainder funds

MWC Team

January 4, 2020

As discussed previously: for greater transparency, we are releasing the ExtendedPublicKey of the wallet that contains the 2,000,000 MWC HODL Program funds and the 509,642.592071318 MWC for the unclaimed airdrop funds.

This will allow anyone to independently verify that these amounts exist and are controlled by this wallet. The ExtendedPublicKey for the wallet is available upon request.

Instructions to verify funds are located here:

The output of the command should create a ".commit" file that looks like this:

PublicKey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Commit=09c6173b40196e8d5c52ebb4397f663fd6431e51793695f032152efaf4799a26fe amount=2000000000000000 height=76390 mmr_index=256297

PublicKey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Commit=09202f91ec1d3d7366fc6432a08f9bc01131bfea6e4804bf072105cb26ab265892 amount=1000000000 height=76399 mmr_index=256320

PublicKey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Commit=08a200c1be7b6f0ce08a290b50faa99727ee0b736f7405d2adcebaec69cf0eea48 amount=500000000000000 height=76412 mmr_index=256360

PublicKey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Commit=0926e6654210ef609118e79a105200019b426d9941f694b8c23a250d4d02607fc6 amount=1000000000000 height=76412 mmr_index=256363

PublicKey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Commit=0935663a435f52faa4e5bb5b6efdd66344c1c8276b6b0020eb46071b2c6910e6ef amount=98962000000000 height=76420 mmr_index=256385

As noted in the instructions, these amounts are in nanomwc. So, total funds are 2,000,000 MWC (first output) in the HODL account and 599,963 MWC (combined in the other outputs) for the excess airdrop funds.

Please note that the keys to the funds are split with multiple keys using Shamir's secret and distributed amongst multiple individuals. No one person has access to the account.

Update: With considerable community feedback, 90,319.99839736 was used from the unclaimed airdrop fund to make whole MWC buyers who used Hotbit which lost user funds.

Update: 3,800 MWC were allocated to an airdrop promotion with Biki and 380 coins were allocated to an airdrop promotion with Whitebit.