Airdrop Complete – HODL Program Details Coming Soon
MWC was created in February 2019 - and its MainNet launched in November 2019, as a fork of Grin to make a scarce MimbleWimble based coin by adding a 20 million coin supply cap.  Additionally, the "HODL Program" was created to reward holders who don't move their coins for specified periods with payout of additional coins, and the development team is working on incorporating the latest features into the wallet, including multisig and atomic swaps. The airdrop claim process concluded January 2nd, with 90% of the 6.0 million coin airdrop claimed.  During the first quarter, plans for the HODL program will be announced, targeting a program launch in the second quarter…and as well, plans for the 600,000 unclaimed coins -which may be burned, added to the HODL program, or re-airdropped.  Currently, MWC trades on the HotBit crypto exchange.

Our Mission





Mimblewimble Coin's dev team seeks to innovate Mimblewimble protocol to bring out all its benefits, with the support and backing of the Bitcoin community. The team has already submitted an accepted BIP and developed a method for offline secure storage of MimbleWimble based coins. Other initial projects on our roadmap include a Mimblewimble wallet, support for multi-sig transactions, and atomic swaps.