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MWC - Mimblewimble Airdrop for Bitcoin holders

In July 2016, the Mimblewimble white paper rocked the Bitcoin developer community, when a significantly more advanced protocol was disclosed by an anonymous author. With the technology ready for adoption, Bitcoin holders can claim free MimbleWimbleCoins - to take advantage of a scarce, private coin that scales…and pays an in-kind crypto-dividend. Register your public Bitcoin addresses between April 20th and July 19th, to receive your airdropped MWC coins.

WHAT IS MimbleWimbleCoin?

Mimblewimble, the tongue tying curse from Harry Potter movies, is the name of the Bitcoin blockchain protocol enhancements proposed by "Tom Elvis Jedusor" on July 19th, 2016. Three years later, the technology is READY FOR ADOPTION – and BITCOIN HOLDERS can BENEFIT, for FREE!


During the block size debate of 2015-17, an anonymous poster dropped the biggest bombshell since the Bitcoin white paper itself in the Bitcoin Wizard's IRC channel. The pseudonymous Jedusor shared a proposal for protocol that significantly enhances Bitcoin by improving privacy and scalability - which in turn, increases fungibility. Several blockchains have launched with the Mimblewimble protocol at their core – and now Bitcoin holders can directly benefit by registering for the MimbleWimbleCoin (MWC) Airdrop, starting on April 20th.

Limited Supply - only 20 million MWCs will ever exist.

Unlike it's competitors, MWC is limited in supply.

The first two Mimblewimble tokens, Grin and Beam, do not have limited supply, and do not reward Bitcoin holders. Grin has unlimited supply, whilst Beam is a corporate coin with a lifetime cap of 263 million. Thus, we believe MimbleWimbleCoin, or MWC, will be a superior store of value – as not only is its lifetime cap just 20 million, but it will be airdropped for FREE to Bitcoin holders. Moreover, the MWC HODL program will reward holders who do not sell (over yet to be determined periods) with in-kind MWC dividends – as 30% of the lifetime supply is reserved for the airdrop, and 10% for the MWC HODL program.






Upon launch, it will be easy to use MWCs

A Seamless Way To Buy/sell MWC coins



We are working with leading exchange partners to list MWC to provide liquidity to the market place.



Store your MWC securely in your MWC wallet and enjoy the privacy/security/scalability that comes with the Mimblewimble protocol.



HODL your MWC coin, and receive periodic, FREE, in-kind crypto dividends

Register now for the Airdrop

The deadline for Bitcoin addresses to be registered is July 19, 2019 which is also the snapshot date. Don't miss out.

Our Team

With a multitude of experience in the fields of crypto/finance/software industry, our team is dedicated to making the MWC launch a success. See our full team.