Mainnet Live
Wallet Released
MWC was created in February 2019 and launched in November 2019, as a fork of Grin to make a more investable MimbleWimble based coin by adding a supply cap. In addition, the "HODL Program" was created to reward holders who don't move their coins for specified periods with payout of additional coins, and the development team is working on incorporating the latest features into the wallet including multisig and atomic swaps. Of the 20 million MWC that will ever exist, six million (30%) are being airdropped to BTC holders – atop one million (10%) set aside for the MWC HODL program.

The airdrop registration process concluded in July, with an incredible 148,474 BTC registered; i.e., roughly 1% of the entire Bitcoin float.  Currently, the airdrop claim process is scheduled to commence December 11th.

MainNet launch was November 11th, at 9 AM UTC – coinciding, to the hour, with the 101st anniversary of the armistice that ended World War… symbolically chosen, for the peaceful aspirations, and possibilities, of the best money ever invented, Bitcoin.

Miners can now download the MainNet MWC node and wallet and start mining – whilst airdrop recipients, and potential secondary market buyers, can prepare for the December 11th claims process.  If all goes according to plan, exchange listings will occur at or around this time.

Our Mission





MWC’s dev team seeks to innovate Mimblewimble protocol to bring out all its benefits, with the support and backing of the Bitcoin community. The team has already submitted an accepted BIP and developed a method for offline secure storage of MimbleWimble based coins. Other initial projects on our roadmap include a Mimblewimble wallet, support for multi-sig transactions, and atomic swaps.