Airdrop Complete:
148,474 BTC registered!
MWC was created in February 2019 as a fork of Grin with more favorable financial characteristics. It will be scarce, pay an "MWC HODL" dividend, and be distributed via an airdrop to BTC holders when its MainNet launches in 4Q 2019.

Airdrop registration ended July 19th, with an incredible 148,474 registered - to receive the six million MWC that will be distributed, or 30% of all the MWC that will ever exist!

Our Mission





MWC’s dev team seeks to innovate Mimblewimble protocol to bring out all its benefits, with the support and backing of the Bitcoin community. The team has already submitted an accepted BIP and developed a method for offline secure storage of MimbleWimble based coins. Other initial projects on our roadmap include a Mimblewimble wallet, support for multi-sig transactions, and atomic swaps.