GUI Wallet Download

VERSION: mwc-1.2.7 // RELEASED: December 29, 2021. See all releases.
Notes to windows users:
MWC Qt Wallet binaries are often flagged by various anti-virus software. There is nothing we can do about it, so please stop reporting that to us. Anti-virus software uses heuristics in order to determine if a program is malware, and that often results in false positives. You can verify the checksums of MWC Qt wallet binaries to verify the binary matches what is found on github. Alternatively, you may build the binaries yourself, or run the software from source. Finally, if you are really concerned about malware, you should not use an operating system that relies on anti-virus software.
Additionally, we have some "basiccpu" releases on github that are not posed here. These will work on older CPUs. Please see the github download page for more details.
View License: LICENSE
Alternatively you can download our WALLET FOR FULL NODE, and the MWC 713 Wallet