Exchanges provide an important role for MWC because that is where liquidity can be sought and price discovery can happen. After all, the arbiter of opinions will be the order-book.

For HODLers who want to buy, miners who want to sell and everyone in between the exchanges are the liquidity watering hole where all market participants meet. The more liquidity the better. For real-time MWC metrics visit: MWC Dashboard

Therefore, the MWC Team wants MWC to be listed on as many exchanges as possible. The more choices the better.

The MWC Team does not endorse any particular exchange and strongly recommends withdrawing any MWC to your personal wallet. HODL!

At the bottom of the article, please ask your favorite exchange to support the trading of MWC.

MWC is currently listed on the following exchange(s):

Because MimbleWimble functions differently than most other blockchains users may need some education on what to expect in the deposit and withdrawal process. Users may find the following guides may be helpful.

Help us get listed on your favorite exchange