Critical Bug Report - Interim Status update


March 22, 2021

Alot has happened since the initial disclosure of an Inflation Bug. Let's provide another status Update and illustrate the next steps:

The Chain rewind has been a success and all Miningpools seem updated. Due to the depth of the rewind there were circumstances where wallets may display incorrect Data. To immediately make wallets accessible again we provide patched wallets to alleviate the negative impacts of the rewind.

Without this update your wallets may display wrong amounts and may be unable to send funds affected by the rewind until they detect the reorg naturally. This patch speeds up this process.
This marks one of the last steps before the impact of this Bug is mitigated. The next step will be to help exchanges to asses damages and to get back to daily business.

We will provide another Status update once we have more to share.

For Endusers there is no other action required than to Update your wallet Software asap:

Hotfix for cli-wallet:
Hotfix for MWC713:
Hotfix for GUI Wallet: