Mimblewimble Non-Interactive Transactions Review

MWC Team

March 31, 2022

The MWC Community is excited to announce that we've been collaborating with the renowned cryptographers Michele Orrù and Georg Fuchsbauer in order to assess the mathematical viability and security of Non-Interactive Transactions (“NIT”) for Mimblewimble (“MW”) technology.

One of the major factors hindering wider adoption of MW technology has been the lack of NIT functionality: that is, processing transactions where only the sender needs to be online.

While consideration of NIT integration with MW has been a long time coming, the results of the cryptographers’ review and proposed refinements clearly indicate commercial promise toward mainstream integration.  The scheme, as modified, is secure and we now plan to progress toward proposing an implementation of MWC with NIT.

We are looking forward to community feedback and engagement.  The first steps in the development of NIT on MWC have been successfully completed.  While development takes time and we value security over delivery time, we hope that we could release this implementation by year-end 2022. Financial sovereignty takes another step forward with MWC!

Review of MW-NIT: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/265.pdf