Preparing for the April 20 launch of MWC registration

Chris Dev

April 14, 2019

With the launch of MWC quickly approaching, we are busy putting the finishing touches on the website and at the same time starting to work on our wallet and claims site. We are hoping the registration process is very easy for users and since we are only collecting two things, a signature to prove possession of Bitcoin, and a password that is chosen by the user, the process should not be too difficult and not compromise anyone’s privacy. We also added a no-javascript page for users that want to use TOR with Javascript disabled.

One thing that we want to emphasize is you will need to sign another message in order to claim your MWC when we launch (hopefully later this year). So, make sure to backup your seed if you’re on a Trezor and maintain access to your private keys if you are using a paper wallet or other setup. That second signature and your password will be all you need though. Full instructions will be available upon launch.

In addition to mentioning these practical details, I wanted to spend a little time talking aboutwhy we are doing this project. Ever since I opened an issue on Grin’s github, which was promptly closed I knew that the only way there would be a version of MimbleWimble with a small fixed supply would be if we built it ourselves. So, I set out to do that. I figured I couldn’t be the only one who wanted that and so we began the process. It turned out that there is a community of people who are also interested in this idea and they join our discord to talk about about it even in this early phase before we’ve opened registration so we seem to have been on to something. That is one of the benefits of doing the project as an airdrop, you get an instant community that is interested in the project.

Since we started the project, we had a few new ideas as well. We decided to implement the HODL Program, in which 2,000,000 MWC (In addition to the 6,000,000 MWC that will be distributed through the airdrop) will be distributed to people who HODL the coin without moving it for specified periods in the early years after the launch. We are still working on the exact details of the program, but the incentive structure makes sense.

Also, I have a feeling the wallet we are working on will be well received. We hope to make something that’s really easy to use while maintaining the properties of the Mimblewimble protocol and we are hard at work on this. We are also working on Multisig and atomic swaps which are required in order to eventually implement the lightning network. There are so many things to do and so many opportunities and that makes us really excited about this technology.

If you are interested in participating in the community, follow us on twitter or join our discord and remember to register after April 20, 2019.