Update on testnet and proof of funds merged

Chris Dev

April 6, 2019

I just wanted to write a quick update. As we announced on April 3, the MWC testnet was lauched. Since then, everything has been running smoothly. Blocks have consistently been coming in and the rewards are decreasing (as expected). As mentioned earlier, this testnet has a block reward halving every two days (mainnet rewards will halve every four years) to test out and make sure that code change works correctly. However, very few users have connected to the testnet and we’d like to see more volunteers. It’s probably not for every user, but if you are familiar with command line and are on either mac or linux we’d love to have you try out our full node and/or mine on our testnet. You should be able to mine a block or two every hour even on a laptop given the majority of hash power is coming from one of our servers at the moment.

In addition to testnet, I wanted to mention a recent checkin. This checkin adds a sign_utxo and verify_utxo function to the MWC wallet. Thanks to github user eupn for this checkin and pull request to grin. It has not yet been merged into grin, but we have merged it into MWC as it will be necessary to prove funds as part of our HODL program. Proof of funds will be a valuable tool in MWC in it’s own right and it will be there on day one.

The engineering team is busy implementing the plans mentioned in the previous article and everything is on track for an April 20 opening to registration. If you are interested in trying out our testnet or just interacting with the MWC, community you can join our discord. Also, you can follow us on twitter.