By Bitcoin HODLers and for Bitcoiners HODLers, the MWC product is brought to you by a team of experienced cypherpunks. We are rather shy and do not meme but instead write code. For us the purpose of this project is more ideological than financial. We think humanity needs a well implemented highly scarce Mimblewimble base layer coin.

Please, go read the code and help us make it better. For all of us.

You may wonder why you are just now hearing about MWC. We are sorry for not being louder but doubt that would have helped you anyway in this era of social media censorship, powerful vested interests in the crypto-industry seeking centralization at the expense of financial innovation and increased monetary sovereignty along with other forms of stifling free speech.

Really, you need to help yourself by being open minded and doing your own due diligence. No one cares as much about your financial situation as you do. We figure eventually the word about MWC will get out anyway.

MWC will probably be listed on more exchanges and all of that other fun stuff that contributes to price discovery. And we are really excited to bring BTC/MWC atomic swaps for a trustless liquidity channel.

Unlike most forks or airdrops where the developers try to make a quick buck; MWC started out with a low market cap and members of the team bought alongside the general public. But until the word gets out our handiwork may be undervalued so the team are large net buyers of MWC and prefer getting the lowest price possible.

At least we believe in ourselves. Plus, we are very patient and know how to HODL. We have been doing it with Bitcoin for over a decade. Opinions will be arbitrated by the orderbook.

We hope you find the MWC product useful and hope you will spread the word but totally understand if you do not because you want to buy it cheaper.

And just so there is no confusion, there are many potential places the development team's resources can be allocated and they will be chosen based on market needs with highest priority given to requests that will come from and primarily benefit the buyers and hodlers of last resort.

Nevertheless, the MWC network was launched in November 2019 and has functioned flawlessly according to the consensus rules with 100% uptime.