MWC Development team release Atomic Swaps!

MWC Team

December 16, 2020

The most recent MWC Desktop QT wallet V1.1 release includes Atomic Swaps for MWC/BTC and MWC/BCH trading pairs.

Decentralized, secure, private and user-friendly, atomic swaps enable users to transfer wealth privately without relying on a third party. At the same time the Swap process is handing over all control from Exchanges to end users themselves. There are no links between blockchains, no traces to identify what asset was swapped nor the amount of MWC involved.

For ease of use, the QT wallet connects to an ElectrumX Server operated by developers, which can easily be replaced by a server controlled by the user, which is highly encouraged.  Information about this can be found in the Wiki in the "Safety Advisory" section of the Swap Guide which is listed below.

Support for more BTC receiving address types (Segwit, Multisig) as well as more coins is planned for future releases. A decentralized marketplace, to display information about Asks and Bids across available Swap Liquidity, is being considered depends on community endorsement.

The new wallet can be downloaded here

The atomic swaps guide can be found here


This QT wallet release marks the end of the HODL program and wallets registration.  All related functionalities were removed, and all existing related data was destroyed.

This release resets the HTTP listener configuration. If you are receiving over http using the port forwarding method, you will need to reconfigure it accordingly. Required information can be found in the receiving guide in the wiki.