Claims for Airdrop Closed

MWC Team

January 3, 2020

Claims for the MWC airdrop are officially closed. The total amount claimed was 5,400,037.409531322 MWC. That leaves a remainder of 599,962.590468678 MWC.

These funds will be moved to an account in an escrow wallet where they will be held with the 2,000,000 MWC in the HODL program. The funds will be held in separate accounts. We will provide the root public key for this wallet along with a procedure to verify these amounts in the next few days.

What will be done with these funds is still being discussed and the options on the table are to burn them, add them to the HODL program, or do another airdrop. The details of the HODL program are being discussed and as per our roadmap, we hope to release the details of the program later this quarter. Thank you to everyone who participated in the airdrop.