MWC White Paper

Published January 31st, 2019, shortly after the commercial launch of Grin and Beam – Chris Gilliard’s proposal to create a superior “MimbleWimbleCoin” with an airdrop to Bitcoin holders, low supply cap and HODL program. Plus, the development team plan to work hard extending Mimblewimble technology.

Full Node

Minimal implementation of the MimbleWimble protocol with a 20 million supply cap.


Block Explorer

MimbleWimble Coin Blockchain Explorer.


Articles and essays about MWC and MimbleWimble tech.

BIP - Signatures of messages using private keys

The team submitted this BIP. Bitcoin Core Developers accepted it as a Bitcoin standard. The BIP defines a standard for signatures using Bitcoin private keys and lays the groundwork for a more elegant registration process for future airdrops.

Offline Secure Storage

Offline secure cold storage for individuals and exchanges. It is essential to properly and safely secure MWC. Currently, in either GRIN or BEAM there is no way that we are aware of to send funds from an offline wallet.

MimbleWimble White Paper
Updated by Andrew Poelstra

Shortly after the pseudonymous MimbleWimble white paper was released, Andrew Poelstra, a Blockstream mathematician, updated and added detail to the initial release including the possibility of smart contracts on Mimblewimble.

MimbleWimble Whitepaper

On July 19, 2016 the anonymous “Tom Elvis Jedusor” released a paper that proposes MimbleWimble can be utilized to dramatically improve the scalability, privacy and fungibility of blockchain technology.  

mwc wallet

MWC Wallet for Full Node. Contribute to mwcproject/mwc-wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.


The team that brought you MWC.

GitHub Repos

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