MWC QT Wallet Demo - Proof of Payment

Chris Dev

July 3, 2019

Earlier today we posted a new video demoing the latest updates to the MWC QT Wallet. The video can be seen below.

As mentioned in the video, we got a request from the BISQ decentralized exchange to allow for moderators to validate transactions through the block explorer. We implemented this to make it easier for the BISQ operators. The demo shows how it is done and also shows some basics about how the wallet works. BISQ had a lot of problems arbitrating Grin transactions and had to delist grin temporarily and we wanted to try to make easier for users to prove the transfers for disputes so that BISQ can support at least one of the Mimblewimble based coins. We see decentralized exchanges as the future, so while we will support traditional exchanges, we want to make an extra effort to support decentralized exchanges like BISQ. This is just one example and we hope to partner with BISQ in the future as well.

Our wallet is open source, and the latest can be seen in our github repository at As a reminder, MWC is a free airdrop to Bitcoin holders with a limited supply of 20 million. Our codebase is a lightweight implementation of Mimblewimble with the goal of adding an easy to use interface for users. Registration for the free airdrop of 6 million coins is open until July 19, 2019. You can register by clicking the Airdrop link at the top of the page.