Release of mwc-node 3.1.0 and mwc-wallet 3.1.2 and hard fork to remove C32+

MWC Team

February 28, 2020

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest mwc-node (3.1.0) and mwc-wallet (3.1.2). The major feature in this release is the hard fork to remove C32+ from mining after block 202,500. This block will happen around the end of March or early April.

Since this upgrade is a hard fork, it is important for all full node users to upgrade. If you do not, your node will no longer sync after that block. If you are using the developer node, it will be upgraded so there will be no action required. In addition to all full nodes, miners must upgrade their wallets which are used for mining to mwc-wallet 3.1.0+ before the date of the hard fork.

All other wallets do not need to be upgraded. In addition to the POW changes, please see for other consensus changes.

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