Update on HODL program

MWC Team

March 19, 2020

The team has been busy working on the implementation of the HODL program and atomic swaps. We had planned to announce further details about the HODL program by the end of the quarter, but we had other priorities like the hard fork which is scheduled to activate around the end of March, the rebase with Grin 3.x code, and bug fixes and enhancements to the wallets and full node to make reorgs and mining attacks have less impact.

So we have not released full details of the HODL program, but we have announced that at least 50% of the MWC in the HODL Program will be distributed to holders that have MWC that has not been moved after block 202,500.

We plan to introduce the HODL registration system some time after this block and will announce further details about how many coins will be paid out at a later date.

Regarding the unclaimed airdrop fund, we still keep the three existing options on the table: add to HODL program, future airdrops, and coin burn.