Airdrop Program Info

The MWC genesis block created 10,000,000 MWC and 6,000,000 MWC was allocated to the airdrop program. Currently, there are about 231,262.239622378 MWC remaining in the airdrop program and they will be held in verifiable escrow wallets. The escrow wallets need to be updated after the close of HODL Claim #3.

The MWC team are massive proponents of monetary sovereignty which requires at least provable scarcity, privacy, fungibility, running a full-node to do validation and solely holding the private keys.

The MWC airdrop program is designed to increase MWC recognition and network effects among the best and most sophisticated users in the crypto ecosystem: the Bitcoin HODLer of Last Resort. The MWC airdrop program distributes MWC to BTC hodlers for free to those who register and claim during the respective periods and may distribute through other methods.

After successfully claiming the MWC, the airdrop recipient then has game theory begin with three interesting choices:

                    (1) sell the MWC for more BTC (Free BTC. Woohoo!!)

               (2) hodl the MWC they received for free (HODL program and a hedge against potential MWC disruption)

               (3) buy more MWC and have an average cost basis lower than spot at the time (There is Bitcoin and there is...).

Consequently, the MWC airdrop program financially rewards those who have claimed or choose to claim their monetary sovereignty and, therefore, are among the ranks of the most sophisticated users in the crypto ecosystem.

Registration consists of providing a signed message for the address that holds BTC on the snapshot block.

Claiming is handled through the Airdrop tab in the QT GUI wallet.

We recommend reading the Airdrop Instructions, Airdrop Warnings, sign up for email updates, regularly check the Airdrop tab in the QT GUI wallet and are prepared and able to safely, securely and quickly sign messages.

Some coins do not get claimed so the unclaimed coins get added to the unclaimed airdrop program and may be either burned, added to the HODL program or distributed in future airdrops.

If there is any fork that does not have the consensus of the MWC developer team then any outputs created on any fork that are associated with either the HODL Program or the Unclaimed Airdrop Program will either be burned or added to the developer fund on those fork(s).




3rd Airdrop - June 2020 - 277,530.352448942 MWC. Valued at $5.55m at about $20.00 per MWC. Various exchange promotions and part of HODL Claim #3.

2nd Airdrop - February 26, 2019 - 90,319.99839736 MWC. Valued at $1.04m at about $11.50 per MWC. Reimbursement for loss caused by Hotbit during early adoption and done for the benefit of early buyers.

1st Airdrop - December 2, 2019 - 5,400,037.409531322. Valued at $1.35m at about $0.00-0.25 per MWC. Publicized and distributed pro-rata based on BTC registered from block 586,081 snapshot. Registration opened on April 20, 2019 and closed at 1:00pm EST on July 19, 2019. Claims opened on December 2, 2019 and closed on 11:59pm PST January 2, 2020. 148,474 BTC registered yielding a MWC/BTC ratio of roughly 40.41. 6,000,000 allocated, 5,400,037.409531322 claimed and 599,962.590468680 unclaimed.

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